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we are dedicated to revolutionizing the world of business development. Our cutting-edge technology combines the power of Artificial Intelligence with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to deliver a personalized and highly effective experience for businesses seeking to enhance their matchmaking capabilities.

We invite you to explore our comprehensive catalogue and company presentation for a detailed overview of our offerings.


1. Advanced AI Technology: Our AI-driven platform leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze vast datasets, enabling businesses to discover potential leads that perfectly align with their requirements.

2. Personalized Experience: We understand that every business is unique. GLOBAL TRADE A.I. CRM tailors its suggestions and recommendations based on individual preferences, ensuring a personalized experience for each user.

3. Streamlined Matchmaking: Say goodbye to time-consuming manual searches. With our CRM, companies can efficiently filter through prospects and connect with the most promising leads, saving valuable time and effort.

4. Data-Driven Insights: Our platform provides comprehensive data and analytics, empowering businesses with actionable insights to make informed decisions and improve their sales strategies.

5. Global Reach: Whether you're a local startup or a multinational corporation, our platform spans across borders, connecting businesses from all corners of the world for seamless global trade opportunities.

Global Trade AI CRM we are committed to transforming the way businesses approach business development.

Join us on this exciting journey, and together, let’s unlock new horizons of growth and success.

Pillars of transformation

1. Innovation: We believe in pushing the boundaries of technological advancement. Our team is committed to staying at the forefront of AI and CRM, constantly seeking innovative ways to improve our services.

2. Customer-Centricity: Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to understand their unique needs and challenges, tailoring our solutions to provide the best possible experience.

3. Accuracy: We place a high emphasis on accuracy, ensuring that our AI algorithms provide businesses with precise and reliable data, enabling them to make informed decisions.

4. Efficiency: We understand the value of time and resources for businesses. Our platform is designed to optimize efficiency, enabling companies to focus on what truly matters – building meaningful relationships with their prospects.


Şadi Evren Şeker

Studying on Responsible AI, Explainable AI, AutoML and their applications on industry

Yeditepe University
Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (Prof.)

Rabia Yörük

Web Developer, data science, machine learning and data mining

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
Software Engineer (B.Sc.)

Mehmet Aksürmeli

Business development, international sales, international marketing, lead generation, e-commerce

Business Administration(MSc)

Sanem Çankaya

Business development, digital marketing, international marketing, data analysis, researching data

Economics (B.Sc.)